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This DVD ascts as a powerful wake-up call to the urgency of reducing dropout ratess and preparing students for a better future

Are We a Group
Or a TEAM?

Moving From Coordination to Collaboration in a PLC at Work™

Published by: Solution Tree


Build a powerful PLC to meet the needs of every student. Based on Mike Mattos’s 1-5-10 team-evaluation activity, this unscripted video will give your team the know-how to transition from a low- to high-performing team. Explore the three foundational elements to build strong teams: forming the right teams that share learning outcomes, providing dedicated time to collaborate, and collaborating professionall

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Creating & Protecting

Professional Learning Community

Four Essentials Guiding Principles
Published by:
Solution Tree

This Shift to a culture of collective responsibility, and ensure a path of opportunity and success for your students. Focusing on the four Cs vital to student achievement, this powerful four-part program will help you collect targeted information on each student’s individual needs, while offering important learning leverage points. Perfect for self-hosted workshops, this resource will help you create encouraging and efficient team structures in your school.


How PLC Practices Create the Foundation for a Successful Intervention Program

Published by: Solution Tree


Decades of research have demonstrated that all students can learn at high levels and that schools control the factors that make it possible. In this breakout session, Mike shows how professional learning community practices provide the foundation for a successful intervention program and offers practical, effective strategies for beginning to build that foundation. Discover straightforward practices for planning and self-assessment that create successful intervention programs.

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A Practical Look at RTI_cvr (2).jpg


Published by: Solution Tree


A system in which struggling students must fail before they can receive additional support is being replaced by comprehensive systems of interventions. In this breakout session, Mike provides an accessible survey of response to intervention systems and explains how RTI, combined with a professional learning community foundation, creates a powerful system for achieving high levels of learning for all students.

This package includes a DVD with the presenter’s session, a CD with the presenter’s slide presentation, an excerpt from the book Pyramid Response to Intervention, and more


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